"We give ourselves in many ways over many years. Why do we do such things? With the hope in our hearts that we are raising children who will be enjoyed by others; who will grow into socially responsible, fun, vibrant adults; who will, in turn, play their part beautifully, in this adventure we call life."

Angela Worthington: Motherhood the Continuing Journey, Tummy Talk.

"Juju Sundin's Birth Skills with Sarah Murdoch" Juju Sundin.
We highly recommend this book for the most easy to understand and practical tools which will hold you in good stead for child birth.

"Birth Your Way" Sheila Kitzinger

"The New Pregnancy & Childbirth"
Sheila Kitzinger

"New Active Birth, A concise Guide to Natural Childbirth"
Janet Balaskas

"The Water Birth Book" Janet Balaskas

"New Natural Pregnancy"
Janet Balaskas

"Tummy Talk"
Magazine published by Active Birth Taranaki.
Note: To obtain copies contact New Zealand College of Midwives

"Labour is very much a polarity of intense opposites and that is what makes it bearable - pain comes and goes and pleasure can equal pain if you can let go and relax." The Water Birth Book; Janet Balaskas 2004.