"Just wanted to let you know that I absolutely love the sling. It’s perfect for when we go do our supermarket shopping and going to church on Sunday’s. I get so many comments from people too. Thanks again for a lovely product."

Shannon. Franklin, New Zealand

"The parcel arrived two days into contractions and really cheered me up - for a few minutes at least! It has been much admired by all my family. We used our Hold Close Merino Sling on a little trip out to the park on Saturday and Torin certainly loved it, he slept for hours - even through the trip to the pub for refreshment. I think I will be using it a lot."

Ondrée xx United Kingdom

"What is really practical is that i can bring it everywhere, even when I'm not using it as it doesn't take anymore place than a scarf in my bag, not at all like other babyslings!

A big thank you for the babysling, it is really really great! When she is upset, has a sore tummy or when she cant sleep, I put her in, she moves around a little and then quietly calms down..and me, I can continue going about my things, all while looking at her peacefully...it's really comfortable!"

Julie, Paris France

"Just wanted to say how fantastic your sling is. It is great for those unsettled evenings and has been my saviour today after Riley having his injections and just wanting to be cuddled all afternoon (I'm wearing it now). I love the design and its Merino lining, as bubs gets too hot in synthetic materials. And it's so helpful at the supermarket as my capsule takes up most of the trolley space."

Tracey, Franklin, New Zealand