".....As well as looking after 17month old daughter Mia-Grace, Rohrlach runs a Baby Merino-products business Nestling, from home......."

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"Exquisite, stunning, beautiful, luxurious… it is hard to find words that do the Nestling Hold Close Merino Slings justice. The slings are designed to keep your baby settled, content and positioned where they are happiest – close to you - snuggled in the Zque certified soft merino inner, listening to your heart and staring into your eyes.

The outers are currently available in feather grey, nestling black or gentle peach, all of which are timeless designs that will complement and add style to your look.

The Hold Close Merino Sling is a pouch style sling that is easy to use and adaptable as your baby grows. It will make a beautiful investment that both you and your baby will appreciate and cherish."