Merino is a luxurious natural fibre that has a soft and silky tone that is perfect for babies and children. It is a wonder fibre that has evolved over millions of years, and as such is perfect for infants sleepwear. There are many natural attributes that make merino one of the most comfortable fabrics to wear, the most important is that it regulates temperature. Merino is wonderful at keeping baby warm when it is cold and cool when it is hot, and because it’s 100% natural, there is no need for a tog rating like there is on synthetic fibres and it’s got a natural safety element in the built in fire retardants.

Merino is also a huge hit with parents worldwide because it breathes and controls moisture and reduces skin allergies as it does not itch a babies skin. Isn’t it great that something that is natural and back to basics is also available in gorgeous designs for you and your baby!

The Merino we use is Zque certified, for more info see below.

Zque: Click here